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Wedding Visions


Who says bridal cakes have to be traditional white on white wedding cake with frills.


Let's set up a consultation for us to talk about what you envision your wedding cake to look like.  While we are visiting you will have the chance to sample different cake flavors as well.  Bridal cakes aren't just about the look, it's about the taste as well.

Wedding Cakes 3.jpg
Wedding Cakes 4.jpg
Wedding Cakes 21.jpg
Wedding Cakes 20.jpg
Wedding Cakes 16.jpg
Wedding Cakes 34.jpg
Wedding Cakes 36.jpg
Wedding Cakes 35.jpg
Wedding Cakes 13.jpg
Wedding Cakes 12.jpg
Wedding Cakes 30.jpg
Wedding Cakes 9.jpg
Wedding Cakes 6.jpg
Wedding Cakes 29.jpg
Wedding Cakes 24.jpg
Wedding Cakes 2.jpg
Rustic and elegant
German Chocolate Cake and Cheesecake
4 Tiers over 6 smaller cakes
Ivory Buttercream with red roses
Rough iced 4 tiers
Sheet cakes
Naked Wedding Cake
More Cupcakes
Birch wood look
How about a Halloween wedding
Almost Naked
Geode Bridal cake
Anniversary, Wedding Cake Replica
Real flowers are a nice touch
Mixing round and square cakes
Separated cakes
Bridal cakes can also be themed
Don't forget Ol' School decorating
Have I mentioned Halloween Weddings?
Simple and elegant
Center Stage
Hand made flowers to match
Airbrushed Ombre Colors
Pearls and Glitter
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